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Liquid Lycra skin-friendly nude yoga pants

High-content Lycra fiber, sports-grade fabric.

• Liquid Lycra coating-----Using high technology to convert Lycra fiber into liquid and spot coating on the surface of the fabric.
• Double-sided brocade Lycra fabric-----Excellent elasticity / long-lasting shape retention / shaping fit

Advantages of shaping technology

Relaxed liquid Lycra 3D three-dimensional coating
• Compared with the non-liquid Lycra fabric, the rebound is more obvious
• Compared with the non-liquid Lycra fabric, it lasts longer after multiple washings
• Liquid Lycra technology does not affect the skin and is comfortable to wear
• The surface is more wear-resistant after adding liquid Lycra
• Compared with other printing technologies, liquid Lycra has better tension

Directional pressure design

Optimize body curve
• Comfortable support
• Lightweight upgrade
• Directional pressure
• No matter where you are, this leggings can help you show sports style, casual style and lifestyle, designed for modern women.
• 4-way stretch: These 4-way stretch support compression leggings provide you with the great freedom of movement you need during your workout.
• No perspective: Bring you a comfortable wearing experience. Thanks to the non-perspective technology, you don’t have to worry about exposing your skin and underwear during exercise.
• [Sweat absorption]: The fabric with excellent sweat absorption can maintain a dry feeling even if you sweat. This will bring long-lasting and comfortable performance.
• High waist and abdomen: These high waist yoga pants perfectly outline your curves, while being comfortable and elastic. The high waist function also helps to extend the visual effect of your legs, and the abdomen effect creates the visual appeal of the small waist.
• Type of exercise: Our fitness leggings are very suitable for yoga, Pilates, jogging, gym or any low-intensity activities. Let you become a woman who loves life.
• Soft and super elastic-super soft, elastic, breathable and very comfortable. With four-way stretch elasticity, our leggings provide the greatest support for your various activities!
• High waist, no see-through-This women's leggings are designed for high waists and are designed to provide perfect waist control. The use of non-transparent materials gives you an unprecedented sense of security. You can wear our pants and enjoy life and freedom of movement.


Post time: Oct-08-2021