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If you buy in the store, try the following actions as long as conditions permit:

1. Stand up and stretch your hands above your head as much as possible, and then relax. Check whether the tops and pants can return to their normal positions. If the tops are mostly squeezed at the waist and the waistband is stuck in the crotch , the number may be small, or the material may not be elastic.

2. Standing Bat pose. Check if the clothes will slide down to expose your body.

3. Downward dog pose. Check whether the neckline sags and reveals the chest, and whether the clothing has slipped.

4. Twist the body left and right. Feel whether the clothes can rotate with the body and the shoulder straps do not shift.

5. Turn your back to the mirror and bend your legs apart and look at your hips in the mirror from between your legs. Check whether the clothes will run out.

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In addition, because of our actions, we may have shoulder standing, head and foot posture, if the clothes are too loose, there will be a dilemma of sliding down, but the abdomen or legs are exposed.

Wear moisture-wicking fabrics. Although this material is not a pure natural material, it has an advantage: after sweating, its perspiration is better than cotton and linen, and it will not stick to the body due to wet clothes and pants. It may develop eczema over time. Unwell. There are many types of fabrics that absorb moisture and wick away sweat. It is recommended that you compare different qualities and choose the one with more detailed texture and better elasticity. Some fabrics have heavy chemical fibers, and they look like thick nylon cloth when worn on the body, so they are the next choice.

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Post time: Dec-10-2021