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There are many yoga stretching exercises, people will not sweat too much, but sweating is generally possible. Therefore, it is best to change the yoga clothes after exercising and wash them in time, otherwise there will be sweat spots on the clothes. How to clean yoga clothes? Is the cleaning method of yoga clothes of different materials the same? Please note the following:
1. Cotton and linen yoga clothes have good hygroscopicity, are breathable and comfortable to wear, and can be washed directly in the washing machine when cleaning.
2. The polyester yoga clothing fabric has good elasticity, durability and wrinkle resistance. When cleaning, use a softener, and wash it separately from other intimate clothing according to the situation. If you have free time, you can also hand wash.
3. Linen yoga clothes have strong sweat absorption and are not close-fitting. They are suitable for people who sweat a lot and have strong endocrine secretions. If they are dirty, it is recommended to wash them by hand in cold water. Clothes are deformed.


Post time: Feb-18-2022